Wolffkran smart glasses

Wolffkran has released its ‘Wolff Assist’, a remote, hands free tool predominately operated via ‘smart glasses’ to provide professional on the spot technical support to an operator or service engineer.

Unveiled as a concept at Bauma in October 2022, the 'smart glasses' comprise a camera, microphone and a small monitor positioned just in front of the operator's dominant eye, all mounted on an elasticated headband. It can be worn on the head or on a helmet, leaving the caller's hands free to operate the controls or carry out any adjustments, while a factory based Wolffkran technician guides them through the process in real time, similar to 'screen share' assistance on a computer.
Wolff Assist consists of data glasses with camera, monitor and microphone

Achim Spillmann of Wolffkran said: “Wolff Assist is more than an ordinary means of communication with video function. It is a smart service tool that has been specially developed for the needs on the construction site and on the crane. Even with a video call, many problems can be solved quickly and easily. It is a smart service tool that has been specially developed for the application.”
The glasses transmit a live view to a factory technician

The company says the system is now being widely adopted and will reduce the repair times by up to 70 percent, also claiming that service costs could be cut by as much as 50 percent a year. The system can be controlled verbally in a variety of languages.

The new system can also be used as a training tool with more developments in the works such as a crane specific technical dictionary to improve and broaden the translation software.

The Wolffkran video below shows how the new tool is used on site: