31 Groves for Kuwait

Kuwaiti rental company ILC (Integrated Logistics Company) took delelivery of 31 Grove All Terrain cranes in 2023, all of them 100 tonnes or larger, making it the biggest Grove customer in the Middle East for last year.

Deliveries included 10 units of Grove's 300 tonne GMK6300L-1’s, along with its first 250 tonne GMK5250XL-1, and 20 units of the 100 tonne four axle GMK4100L-2’s, making them the largest owner of this model in the region.

ILC chief executive Saleh Al Huwaidi, said: “After all these years working together, we have built a strong and trusting relationship with Manitowoc/ Grove is our favourite brand because of the high build quality of its cranes. Our maintenance costs have reduced thanks to the cranes’ reliability, and we have had no major problems. However, we know that when we do need support we can count on a rapid response.”
(L-R) Nico Fourie of Manitowoc, Jihad Doumit of ILC, Sudheesh Mohan of Manitowoc, Saleh Al Huwaidi of ILC, Andrew Youssef of Manitowoc, Andreas Mohr of ILC and Konstantin Guba of Manitowoc.

Sudheesh Mohan of Grove - Manitowoc added: “We are very grateful for this strong commitment from ILC. The company is known for its exceptional technical skill and engineering knowledge, and we are proud that Grove cranes can support the company in its work.”