Dica levelling mat

US outrigger mat and ground protection specialist Dica has launched LevelRight, a solution for levelling up equipment with outriggers that must be operated in a level condition such as boom trucks, cranes and other jacking applications.

The LevelRight pad can change the overall angle from zero to 10 degrees and adjust two planes up to five degrees. The 610mm/24 inch diameter LevelRight will accept up to a 508mm/20 inch square or 610mm/24 inch outrigger float with a capacity of 159 tonnes.
The new LevelRight pad

It is constructed from ‘safety tech’ material featuring Dica’s ‘safety texturing’ on both top and bottom surfaces. It also incorporates an integrated bubble level, ensuring operators receive immediate confirmation of a level surface beneath the equipment's outriggers.

Chief executive Kris Koberg said: “It is common for an operator to have to set up on uneven terrain, but on a hard surface where it’s more difficult to manipulate the ground under the outrigger, LevelRight is the perfect solution to ensure a safe and level set up.”

Dica's Kerry Koberg added: “With LevelRight, we wanted to make the right way of doing things an easy way of doing things. For crane applications, using supporting materials such as outrigger or crane pads as the base layer is required to distribute the load. LevelRight fits between the pad and outrigger float to ensure the outrigger is placed on a flat and level surface. In situations where cribbing blocks are needed for extra height, LevelRight can be used as the base under Pro stack cribbing blocks to ensure the blocking is on a level surface.”