Special counterweight for 160t Tadano

German crane rental company Weiland Kran & Transport has taken delivery of a new 160 tonne Tadano AC 5.160-1 All Terrain crane with special counterweight configuration.

The configuration allows the five axle crane to travel with 8.5 tonnes of counterweight, along with slings, hooks and mats on board, while staying within 12 tonne axle loadings. This allows the crane to carry out a lot of the work it typically encounters without the need for additional trucks trailing behind with additional equipment.
The new crane handover

The standard configuration only allows 6.3 tonnes of counterweight, with blocks and tackle but no extensions, but even in that configuration it has a pretty decent load chart. The additional 2.2 tonnes will make a good difference at certain radius. Weiland has been impressed with the new crane to the point where it has already placed an order for a second AC 5.160-1 with the same configuration.

The AC 5.160-1 features a 68 metre seven section main boom topped by an 11.4 to 21 metre bi-fold swingaway extension for a maximum on board tip height of 92 metres. A 12.3 metre extension section can be inserted between the boom nose and extension for a 97 metre tip height.
(L-R) Thomas Eisenberg of Weiland with Oliver Noé from Tadano, Peter Schuster, Wolfgang Brauch, Sebastian Degenhardt and Volker Degenhardt of Weiland plus Frank Brachtendorf of Tadano

Weiland managing directors Volker and Sebastian Degenhardt said: “It’s as though the Tadano AC 5.160-1 had been designed specifically for us. We looked at our customer’s requirements and equipped the crane with a special counterweight configuration that allows us to use it as a taxi crane. We also like the IC 1 Plus crane control system it makes it extremely easy and intuitive to operate the crane, meaning that we can get any trained operator on the AC 5.160-1, and they’ll be ready to get to work right away. In fact, that’s also part of why this crane is so cost effective.”