Six Liebherrs for Maurer

German rental company Kran Maurer has taken delivery of four Liebherr All Terrains with another two Liebherrs on the way, all as part of its programme to modernise its fleet.

The current delivery includes a 50 tonne LTM 1050-3.1, a 90 tonne LTM 1090-4.2, a 100 tonne LTM 1110-5.1 and a 230 tonne LTM 1230-5.1 All Terrain.
The hand over of the LTM 1230-5.1

In April the company will take delivery of a 50 tonne LTC 1050-3.1 city crane as well as a 300 tonne LTM 1300-6.3 All Terrain, the first six axle crane the company will have owned.

Managing director, Johannes Maurer said: "We have replaced our machinery over the last 24 months, so that today hardly any of our cranes are more than two years old. A modern fleet is important to us. At the same time, we are forging ahead with our growth strategy. To meet customer requirements, you have to be a full service provider."
(L-R) Joachim Sommer of Liebherr, Petra Maurer & Johannes Maurer

“We now only have Liebherr mobile cranes. The intrinsic value, the service and the support, it's just a perfect fit. We feel that our collaboration with Liebherr is based on an extremely close and friendly partnership."


Founded in 1962, Kran Maurer is based in Göppingen, to the east of Stuttgart. In addition to crane rental it provides heavy lift, shift and transport services along with industrial machinery moving and installation.

However it can trace its roots back to the 1920’s when Gottlieb Maurer transported goods via horse drawn carriages upgrading to the first trucks in the early 1930s. His son Gerhard Maurer added Unimogs to the fleet in1948 and purchased the company's first mobile crane in 1962.