Fatal dropped load

A luffing jib tower crane dropped a large tower section onto the bridge below in Fort Lauderdale, Florida yesterday, taking one of the tower crane climbing crew with it.

From what we have been told, the team was in the process of climbing the crane and had lifted the next tower section almost to the height of the climbing frame when something gave way - possibly the chain set being used to lift the section - allowing it to drop to the bridge below.
The scene shortly after it occurred

As it went down it apparently struck a platform on the crane tower taking the man standing there with it. It then bounced against the high rise building - a 43 storey tower that has been under construction for almost two years - and landed on the front of a car that was crossing the bridge, while punching a hole in the bridge deck.

Two people were taken to hospital for treatment, while another was treated at the scene, but apart from the man that died, no one else was seriously hurt. The incident has closed the bridge, and the waterway below.
The crane prior to the incident occurring

Kast Construction is listed as the main contractor on the building at 333 North New River Drive, it is likely, of course that the company was not overseeing the crane operations, but yesterday the company was not taking calls on the subject.

A couple of the local news reports can be seen below