More 80 tonners for Scholpp

German rental company Scholpp has taken delivery of another two 80 tonne AC 4.080-1 All Terrain cranes which were part of a four unit order placed in September last year.

The four axle AC 4.080-1 features a seven section, 60 metre boom and is equipped with the 8.5 to 16 metre bi-fold swingaway extension for a maximum tip height of almost 79 metres and 40 degrees of offset. The crane can carry up to 9.3 tonnes of counterweight on board within 12 tonne axle loads.

The cranes are fitted with connectors for Tadano's e-Pack electric power pack, allowing the crane to operate indoors or where noise and emissions are an issue. Other items include the ‘surround view system’ which uses cameras to generate a computer assisted display of the maximum outrigger extension lengths, making it easier for the operator to position the crane and be more aware of surroundings.
The hand over at the Ludwigshafen depot

The cranes were delivered to the company's Ludwigshafen and Leonberg depots. Heinz Schuch, branch manager at Ludwigshafen said: “Not only is the crane extremely compact and manoeuvrable, it also has an impressively large 60 metre boom length.”
(L-R) Michael Ochs of Scholpp, Robin Schuh of Scholpp, Michael Zieger of Tadano, Heinz Schuh of Scholpp, André Brenner of Scholpp and Matthias Graband of Scholpp

Branch manager at Leonberg, Stephen Burkhardt Added: “The benefits here include the highly efficient single engine design and of course the IC-1 Plus crane control system, which in many cases reduces costs by eliminating the need for separate counterweight trucks."
The hand over at the Leonberg depot

(L-R) Roman Nierobisch of Scholpp, Michael Zieger of Tadano, Sascha Riotte of Scholpp

Based in Stuttgart, the company was established in 1956 by Alfred Scholpp after he came up with a concept for a lattice truck crane which he took to the recovery vehicle manufacturer Kässbohrer in Ulm, which used his sketch to developed Scholpp’s first mobile crane, the KS 36.

In 2014 Martin Scholpp purchased Scholpp Kran & Transport from the extended Scholpp crane, heavy transport and logistics business, one year after German private equity firm Odewald & Compagnie had acquired a 49 percent stake in the extended group. The company currently operates from seven locations in the south west of Germany: Stuggart, Leonberg, Karlsruhe, Heilbronn, Ludwigshafen, Mannheim, and Villingen-Schwenningen.