700 tonner for Sommer

German crane rental company Sommer Kranverleih has taken delivery of a 700 tonne Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1 All Terrain crane.

The eight axle crane features a basic four section 54 metre boom which converts to a six section 80 metre boom when required. A 90 metre luffing jib is also available. Other features include the VarioBallast hydraulically variable counterweight system, Stage V diesels with ECOdrive and ECOmode fuel and emission saving devices and Variobase variable outrigger set up and monitoring.
The handover

The crane replaces a 500 tonne LTM 1500-8.1 and has already been out on its first job which involved dismantling six old wind turbines in Schleswig-Holstein. It will predominantly be used for industrial plant contracts and infrastructure projects as well as for the installation and dismantling of wind turbines.

Björn Sommer who co-owns the company with his cousin said: “We feel comfortable in the large crane class and demand in the market is good. With the LTM 1650-8.1, we're boosting our fleet in the upper load capacity segment on the one hand, and on the other hand we're extending our LTM 1750-9.1 downwards, because with one less axle, the LTM 1650-8.1 is more compact and manoeuvrable."

“The wind power configuration with the six metre long lattice type fixed jib typically allows us to significantly reduce the time needed to move the crane in wind farms. It's much easier to install than a luffing jib."
(L-R) Hagen Sommer with Alexander Schwald of Liebherr and Björn Sommer

Sommer added: “When dismantling the wind turbines we were able to use the T5 configuration - the 80 metre telescopic boom - right from the start. This has huge advantages, because with the LTM 1500-8.1 we would have had to build a luffing jib or at least a lattice type fixed jib. We also managed with just 75 tonnes of ballast. This reduces set up and conversion times.”

“Our staff are delighted with the simplicity of the LTM 1650-8.1. The new crane means that projects can take a lot less time, thus freeing up capacity or further orders."
The crane on its first job in Schleswig-Holstein

Based in Bremen and founded in 1959, Sommer Kranverleih is run by third generation partners and cousins, Björn and Hagen Sommer. It has a fleet of All Terrain cranes with capacities from 40 to 800 tonnes.

In January, the company took delivery of two new Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1 City type All Terrains, one with a rope telescope and the other with a Telematik system. A further package of cranes has been ordered from Liebherr for later this year, as part of a rejuvenation programme in the the four and five axle class.