SK6000 assembly underway

Mammoet has finally started assembling - or should it be building - its massive 6,000 tonne SK6000 crane at the company's Westdorpe facility on the Belgian border in southwest Netherlands.
The Westdorpe yard

Promoted by Mammoet as the world's largest land based crane, it announced the SK6000 in early 2020, and looks as though this incredible lifting machine will pretty much look as originally planned, based on the ALE containerised heavy lift crane concept used on the SK 190 and SK 350. In addition to its 6,000 tonne maximum capacity, the all electric SK6000 can handle 3,000 tonnes at a 220 metres radius.
Assembly begins

The initial assembly work has involved the assembly of the slewing track, base frame, power packs and the control room. Three cranes are supporting the build, two 250 tonne crawlers and a 140 tonne mobile harbour crane. The crane is due to be completed towards the end of the year. See also: Mammoet SK6000 all electric
An aerial view of the assembly

Koen Brouwers, project manager said: “This is a thrilling new chapter for Mammoet and modular construction in heavy industry, as we see the SK6000 taking shape. It will offer a hook height, outreach and lifting capacity far in excess of any crane on the market. We are excited to bring this ground-breaking technology to our customers, helping them achieve their project goals with greater efficiency and more sustainably.”
The following are a few more pictures from the assembly site.

The slew track takes shape

Computer generated design of the machine