Skyhigh acquires Holland Lift parts

Tjaco Sussenbach and his company SkyHigh has acquired the replacement parts inventory held by scissor lift manufacturer Holland Lift, which closed its doors last summer. The residual inventory - all 150 pallet loads of it with a sales value of around €1.5 million - includes fabrications, hydraulic cylinders, gear hubs and PLCs etc.

The spare parts stock appears to be one the last things left at the Holland Lift plant in Hoorn, as the liquidation process nears completion.

Sussenbach and his colleagues will now move the parts holding into its own facilities helping support the product support operation it announced in April.

Sussenbach, the former engineering manager at Holland Lift said: "The items will help us provide a good service and aftersales to maintain the 9,000 or so Holland Lifts still at work around the world. Sadly it also means the final chapter of the location in Hoorn. Before October 1 both buildings Anodeweg 1 and 4 will be demolished ending it’s 40 years home town location. We are now moving the stock to the Sky High location. If you need parts you can send us a e-mail [email protected] or call Roel Loos on +31 6 23617806."