Crane accident could cost millions

A tower crane accident yesterday in Western Australia at the Worsley Alumina Refinery, one of the world’s largest and most efficient plants, is reported to have caused millions of dollars of damage or disruption.
An overview of the site

A photo sent from the scene

The Favelle Favco heavy duty luffing tower crane, owned by by Marr's Contracting was apparently working for specialist contractor John Holland alongside a calciner –used to ‘cook’ the bauxite - at the plant when it dropped its jib during a load test.

Although over 800 people were working in the vicinity no accidents were reported.
A closer look at the superstructure

The fallen crane

Inspectors from the Mines Department arrived on the scene within hours to participate in the investigation of what went wrong, No further details are available.

The plant is a joint venture between BHP-Billiton, Japan Alumina Associates and Sojitz Alumina, incorporates a bauxite mine, an alumina refinery and port facilities.


Jason Weber
Just to clarify a few things, this Favco Luffing crane is not owned by John Holland.

While conducting a line test pull as part of the commissioning activities on the Favco tower crane, a loud cracking sound was heard, the boom then suddenly collapsed.
The area was well barricaded and controlled.
The boom section came down within the controlled area.
No person was injured.
The matter is still under an ICAM investigation.

17 Jan 2010
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