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Bauma opens quietly

The world’s largest equipment exhibition opened in Munich today with many exhibitors and visitors clearly absent. In spite of the fact that thousands of overseas visitors and exhibitor staff have been delayed or abandoned their trips the main aisles in the outside area were busy, although a walk into many parts of the outside area highlighted the missing visitors.
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While the number of international visitors was down there were still a good number of people

Bauma recruited extra staff to help man stands where staff have been delayed through the air restrictions.

Stories of extreme efforts to reach the show abound, with one exhibitor taking a taxi from Bulgaria to Munich, while several Russian visitors took a series of trained or as with Cranes & Access Russia are driving.

While many UK based visitors and exhibitors managed to get across the channel by train and ferry, Irish visitors have largely been stranded due to the lack of spaces to France or the UK.
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Some younger visitors at Bauma on Monday

The situation is expected to improve during the week as visitors succeed in their efforts to travel. Although most visitors from further afield such as North America and Australia have now abandoned their trips.

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