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Three 150 tonners for Bryn Thomas

UK rental company Bryn Thomas Cranes has taken delivery of three new 150 tonne Grove GMK 5150XL All Terrain cranes.
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The first new Grove GMK 5150XL

The cranes were ordered a year ago when the manufacturer first announced the new model which boasts a seven section 68.7 metre main boom which can handle 8.1 tonnes when fully extended, 9.4 tonnes at 66 metres and 12.7 tonnes when extended to 60 metres. The cranes have also been ordered with the 16.2 metre bi-fold swingaway extension. This can be extended with an 8.1 metre insert to 24.2 metres for a 96.5 metre maximum tip height.
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The GMK 5150XL can carry up to 10.2 tonnes of counterweight within 12 tonne axle loadings and up to 30.9 tonnes in the UK where 16.5 tonne axle loads are possible. The new model shares much of its componentry with other models in the Grove five axle range. The new cranes join a 250 tonne five axle Grove GMK-5250XL delivered earlier this year.

Managing director Dylan Thomas said: “We are extremely happy with the cranes and have already made a big impact on our customer base.”

Bryn Thomas Cranes and sister company BJW Cranes runs a fleet of around 65 All Terrain, city type and mobile tower cranes with capacities ranging from 15 to 500 tonnes from five locations. It also operates an industrial division with heavy duty loader cranes.