October 2005

Vol. 7, Issue 6

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News (PDF, 539.15 KB)
SGB quit alloy scaffold tower production, Company fined £75,000 for crane accident, New products from Hiab and Palfinger, Fines for fall from platform, Low profile hoist tower helps improve productivity, Mini crane used for glass cladding on hospital, Crane drops the tub, First telehandler driver award, Grove opens new Italian plant.

Why Bother with Bologna (PDF, 316.7 KB)
We take a brief look at why you should consider a visit to this years SAIE exhibition in Italy, what is it all about?

Software (PDF, 157.38 KB)
We talk to Kimberly Access and how it moved from manual invoicing systems to an integrated IT programme that saved it a great deal over more complex programmes and yet till incorporates a sold rental software with room for expansion without the need for an in house IT manager.

Is this the dawning of a new age of crawler crane? (PDF, 351.26 KB)
Crawler cranes are regaining popularity in the UK and Ireland with new telescopic models on the increase, while lattice boomed models are faster and easier to erect than ever, they offer a strong alternative to tower cranes or mobiles on some projects.

Will it fit in here? (PDF, 83.32 KB)
The small self erecting tower crane is increasing in popularity in the UK and Ireland, we observe a few unusual installations that solve particular problems of where to locate the crane.

APEX 2005 (PDF, 337.33 KB)
We review the recent APEX access equipment show held in Maastricht, looking at the new products and news. We will supplement this review with an online photo album on www.vertikal.net.

The Spiders are multiplying (PDF, 425.99 KB)
The crawler mounted self propelled boom lift with outriggers, a product often known as a Spider lift, is on the increase. Both in terms of the number of manufacturers producing them and the number of end users who are finding work for them. They offer some excellent solutions for difficult to get to locations or for work on delicate surfaces.

CPA crane meeting (PDF, 166.91 KB)
Ian Boughton reports on the recent CPA crane interests meeting and highlights the topics that were discussed.


ALLMI training with attitude (PDF, 142 KB)

IPAF News (PDF, 291.46 KB)

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