December/January 2019

Vol. 20, Issue 9

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New 13ft Genie micro scissor, Zoomlion acquires Wilbert, Loxam cleared for UK Platforms takeover, XCMG unveils 186ft boom, New compact Dieci, 10,000th Hy-Brid scissor lift, CMC launches hybrid S32, New fibre rope from Liebherr, Potain launches largest flat top, Crosby acquires Straightpoint, Ramirent to quit Denmark, New 25m Multitel, Ainscough rebalances and financials round-up.

Rough Terrain cranes (PDF, 2.26 MB)
The health of the Rough Terrain crane sector is largely dependent on the price of a barrel of oil, with North America typically representing two thirds of all RT sales outside of Japan. We take a look at the latest developments including the new 149 tonne Grove GRT 9165 and the 90 tonne Link-Belt 100RT.

Rental rate guide (PDF, 2.45 MB)
In this our 18th annual rental rate and confidence survey, 2018 has been a bag of mixed fortunes with rental rates going up and down depending on product type, size and time of year. Find out the full facts in our comprehensive survey.

Rough Terrain scissors (PDF, 797.34 KB)
The Rough Terrain scissor lift market is fairly conservative with most companies interested in familiarity rather than innovation. Although the major North American manufacturers dominate, they may not have it all their own way as Chinese manufacturers try to gain a foothold.

Transport (PDF, 669.59 KB)
Moving a piece of equipment or a big component to its place of work or installation point can be as important or challenging as the lifting it. We look at a variety of applications demonstrating everything from load planning to transporters and skidding systems.

Look back at 2018 (PDF, 848.7 KB)
We take our annual look back at last year’s major news and events both in the world in general and as covered in each issue of Cranes&Access.

Do you really need a new website? (PDF, 159.19 KB)
If you are considering investing in a new website Guy Willet asks whether it is really needed or not or whether a revamp of your existing site would be a better alternative?


Training (PDF, 336.49 KB)


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