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July/August 2021 – Vol. 23, Issue 4 Scissor lifts (PDF, 1.01 MB)
In our third look at scissor lifts over the past 12 months, Leigh Sparrow takes a sideways look at some of the more niche sectors of the market and notes the rapidly changing production and technology trends that seem to be gathering pace.

April/May 2021 – Vol. 23, Issue 2 Micro Scissor lifts (PDF, 288.96 KB)
We take a look at the latest batch of 13/14ft micro scissor lifts and see how they stack up against the alternatives.

December/January 2021 – Vol. 22, Issue 9 Scissor lifts (PDF, 1.32 MB)
With almost 90 percent of all scissor lifts already battery powered, we take a look at the remaining 10 percent that remains diesel powered which mostly consists of full size Rough Terrain models.

June 2020 – Vol. 22, Issue 4 Slab electric scissor lifts (PDF, 2.23 MB)
Choosing a 19ft electric scissor lift used to be a relatively simple job, given that the specifications were all pretty similar leaving the decision to availability, preferred brand, finance, price or relationships. That has all changed as manufacturers switch to their new global brands and all chose different solutions and compromises to meet the new standards, while some hedge their bets with several different models to chose from. Our feature aims to help make the decision a little simpler.

December/January 2020 – Vol. 21, Issue 9 Scissor lifts (PDF, 718.56 KB)
We take a look at how the new ‘harmonised’ North American standards are already affecting the design of scissors and boom lifts for the global market, as well as looking at the latest scissor lift product launches including the new lifts from Pettibone.

June 2019 – Vol. 21, Issue 4 Slab electric scissor lifts (PDF, 989.35 KB)
There have been many important developments in the slab electric scissor market over the past 25 years. More recently this has included direct electric drive and a trend towards smaller, lighter weight and more compact micro scissor lifts with platform heights in the region of 12 to 14ft. We take a look at some of these changes and the latest new product launches.

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