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New push around lift

UK based Kermco has introduced a new lightweight 5.4 metre platform height indoor/outdoor push around lift, the HyTower HT750. The new model shares some features with a very popular product from the early 1990’s the Hop Up Plus.
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The standard push around model of the HT750

The HyTower weighs just 450kgs and uses large pneumatic tyres making it an easy unit to push around even on gravel. Outriggers allow the unit to be levelled as well as adding additional stability for outdoor use. The machine is just 740mm wide for transport with the outriggers extending that to just 1.55 metres.

The lift mechanism includes a two section telescopic mast and upper boom. Providing up to 7.4 metres of working height. The standard unit is a pure push around while a unit is also available in a trailer mode and can be towed behind just about any road vehicle with four wheels.
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The trailer mounted version of the HyTower

The controls are full hydraulic and an optional platform mounted Emergency Descent System is available to ensure that an operator can lower the two man 200kg, 1.2 metre long 600mm wide, platform no matter what happens to the power source and regardless it is the standard AC or optional Battery power pack.
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The trailer version of the HyTower HT750

A lower unit with a 4.3 metre platform height – the HT650, which weighs less than 300kgs will also be available at a later date.

Kermco says that the new lift will be both adaptable and cost effective. The plan is to launch the new product at Vertikal Days.

Vertikal Comment

The timing could be ideal for this product, depending on pricing. It has a handy specification to cover work normally carried out by 19 and 20ft scissor lifts and could be particularly useful for paint and guttering work around a wide variety of buildings.

The lightweight and compact dimensions will have strong appeal for some buyers and will certainly be a good alternative to alloy scaffold towers for some applications, particularly outdoors. It will also appeal to tool rental companies where its light weight simple design and compact dimensions will appeal.

Kermco which also distributes Faraone push around and vertical lifts could have a real winner on its hands if the build quality is as good and its looks and the price is pitched right, which the company says it will be.


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Jan 22, 2012