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Scotland to mandate skills cards

The Scottish government will insist that all tradesmen working on public sector construction sites carry recognised training cards as part of a new policy.

A statement says “All companies engaged in new public sector construction contracts must ensure that on-site staff are registered with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) or an equivalent.”

The statement does not clarify what comprises an equivalent, one has to assume that for equipment users the ALLMI, PASMA and IPAF cards will qualify.

Deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “Scotland’s public sector spends over £2 billion per annum on construction related contracts. We are happy to implement the Scottish Building Federation’s proposal to introduce this policy. Adopting schemes like CSCS can make a significant difference to efficient working and health and safety on construction sites.”

“This is particularly important given the significant challenges the construction industry faces in the current economic climate. I would urge other parts of the public sector to adopt the same policy.”

“In spite of Westminster’s significant cuts to our capital budget, we are working flat out to maximise investment in infrastructure projects and to improve the way the procurement system operates.”

Vertikal Comment

While insisting that all employees are properly trained is admirable specifically naming a single scheme seems wrong, and might even be illegal? Although the press announcement does clearly state “or equivalent” the wording is very poor for a public body that is supposed to follow open procurement procedures.

All this aside this probably a good move, which as long as the initial bias does not continue will help improve site safety.


NPORS is as good as CPCS and far cheaper if my memory serves me correctly.

Dec 22, 2012

Roger Wickens
I wonder how this will affect the likes of insurance engineers who visit the sites to carry out a thorough examination on cranes, access, plant and equipment and only carry a SAFED card ?

Dec 21, 2012