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Marriage proposal goes wrong

A man proposing to his girlfriend from a man-basket in the town of IJsselstein, just south of Utrecht in the Netherlands, was lucky to escape with his life earlier today when the crane and man basket overturned as he approached her bedroom window.
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The crane boom lands on the roof

The man had rented a Manitex boom truck and platform from Lopik, Utrecht-based Slootjes Kraanbedrijf in order to make his marriage proposal a really special event.

However the crane was not able to fully extend its rear outrigger beam due to a parked car, but carried on the lift regardless, raising the man over the house to reach the window. The crane clearly strayed out beyond its safe working radius for the short rigged configuration and started to tip.
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The crane was short rigged reducing its stability/capacity

The man in the basket was able to jump clear and was unhurt, but the crane’s boom crashed onto the roof of the house.

Slootjes brought in two mobile cranes to recover the stricken boom truck but then as they lifted the crane boom well clear of the roof, the sling lifting it, slipped and it dropped back down onto the roof, causing further damage. The house has now been declared uninhabitable and the two adjoining homes have also been evacuated.
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The recovery begins

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident and the man made a more standard marriage proposal, which was accepted. He then whisked his fiancée off to Paris for the weekend.

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The drop back onto the roof caused far more serious damage to the building

Meanwhile a second recovery is underway. Crane company owner Stefan Slootjes said that the customer would not be charged and that the company’s insurance will take care of all the damage.
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A view from the rear of the house and the window the man was trying to reach

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Slootjes has a fleet of man-baskets which it uses for general access duties

Vertikal Comment

Where to begin? Perhaps no comment is best, given that the pictures and video speaks far louder than words. The man wanted to make his proposal an event that his potential fiancée would never forget. Well he certainly succeeded.


Eric L
So now they are waiting for the insurance company to say "I do"

Dec 15, 2014

Crane manuals should be appended with "your love or other strong feelings will not increase cranes working radius and capacity"

Dec 14, 2014

Ok - good story - but one important thing missing... Did she say "Yes" ? I mean, she might be slightly miffed about her house getting crushed, but in the big scheme of things, love conquers all - doesn't it ?

Dec 14, 2014
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