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The ladder and van method

Spotted in Worthing, Sussex, UK, earlier this month, two men working on ladders from the roof of their van.
The photo clearly shows them using their van to boost the reach of their ladders, one of which appears to be almost long enough to reach the height without the van?
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Two men two ladders and van

They have footed the ladders against the edge of the vans roof rack which is sensible, but then the ladders are being used at an angle that they were not designed for. It also forces the person using it to stand/half stand at an angle that subjecting the ladder to rolling over.

The risk of the most common ladder problem – side slip is also not eliminated – which is possibly why one of them looks as though he is holding onto the other’s ladder to try and counter the lateral forces being exerted by the man closest to us. Odd that they pay no attention to a safe and efficient form working at height, and yet have taken great care to protect their van roof. Mistaken priorities?

Our correspondent did the right thing and approached them in order to alert them to the risks, even though this usually results in abuse. He said: “I approached the guys and explained the risks of what they were doing and was greeted with a bit of abuse and a rather wide grin!!
There are probably two or three access hire companies within 10 miles radius.”
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A closer look

Definitely one for our Death Wish Series.

Have a safe week.


At least they have the sense to make sure the van doesn't get scratched or covered in blood if the worst was to happen!

Apr 29, 2019
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