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Rental Rates 2020

It is the time of year again when we ask rental companies for their views on rates and fleet development over the past 12 months, as well as their prognosis for 2021. While the main reports are focused on the UK, we would like to hear from companies everywhere so that we can expand the scope this year.

The survey not only checks out average rental rates and utilisation trends, but gauges optimism, pessimism and market expectations. It also offers the opportunity for anyone involved in the lifting rental industry to voice their thoughts on rental rate trends and developments. Remember, if you are not comfortable in providing rates, you are still able to answer the non-rate related questions.

We would very much appreciate your input and support, in completing and returning them to us. The online forms can be accessed here:

All data supplied is - and will remain - completely anonymous.

If you are interested in seeing last year's results, they can be viewed below:


The rates in the UK for cranes at the moment are a absolute joke, actually they have been a joke for a few years but 2020 as been a complete circus with 1 crawler crane company in particular putting cranes out for almost free, hire a operator and get a free LTR or Kobelco.

Dec 9, 2020