Tower crane frightener

The video below shows what happens when a tower crane working in exceptionally high winds lifts a large concrete panel.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series –

Have a safe weekend!


Sling it up, fly it flat, stand it up in place.

Jan 21, 2021

Yeah as if that makes a difference! I don’t think that’s the point PaulD.. Could be a Doka not a Peri!

Jan 21, 2021

Years ago I was a pusher of services and trades professionals. I could only see the schedule and budget numbers not the safety risks. In some matters I was being pushed to make schedule. Now I am older wiser and stubborn about being pushed because I give safety the first priority. We make schedule just fine. We make budget within reason. We save major mistakes by being practical.

Jan 18, 2021

As a crane op I know what it's like .allways pushing the driver to work in the wind ..

Jan 16, 2021

It's a peri shutter not a concrete panel.

Jan 16, 2021
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