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Tadano unveils 700t AT

Tadano Japan has unveiled its 700 tonne seven axle AR-7000N-1 All Terrain crane.

The new crane, built specifically for the Japanese market, is a development of the 550 tonne AR-5500M launched in 1998. It features the same highly unusual triple lift cylinder arrangement and heavy duty boom construction, but employs higher strength steels making it stronger but also lighter, while the 5500’s three section 32 metre boom is replaced with a standard four section 42.5 metre pinned boom.
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The Tadano AR-7000N-1

The shorter boom can be equipped with up to 90 metres of luffing jib, pivoting from the main boom nose or from the top of one or two 12.5 metre inline lattice extensions - or 'Fixed Boom' sections in Tadano Japan parlance - to help provide greater up and over reach. The jib luffs from a 10 degree offset down to 60 degrees. Maximum tip height is 146 metres at which point it can lift up to 6.8 tonnes at a radius of up to 75 metres.
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The Tadano AR-7000N-1 with its four section boom, 25m of inserts and 90m luffing jib

A six section 63.3 metre boom is also offered which can be equipped with the regular luffing jib or a four section 35 metre telescopic luffing jib which offers a capacity of 8.6 tonnes when fully extended or 48.6 tonnes when retracted on the fully extended main boom. The maximum counterweight on both versions is 208 tonnes. When equipped with the long boom, the maximum capacity is 300 tonnes at a radius of seven metres. Capacities at 20 metres is up to 105 tonnes, while maximum capacity at full boom is 157 tonnes on the short boom and 66.8 tonnes on the long boom.
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The Tadano AR-7000N-1 with six section boom

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The Tadano AR-7000N-1 with six section boom and four section telescopic jib

The crane has an overall width of three metres with an overall length of just over 19 metres with the short boom and 18.8 metres with the long boom. Overall height is almost 4.3 metres – which would cause issues in some parts of the world. The carrier cab is the latest from Germany with a full all round camera vision, and a new driver's seat equipped with a range of adjusters to suit the driver's body shape. Maximum speed is 62.5kph.
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The Tadano AR-7000N-1 has a shorter overall travel length with the six section boom

The full Tadano 'Hello Net' telematics suite is standard equipment.
The release information – in Japanese only – said: “The new model has been introduced to meet demand for higher capacities especially in the working radius of 20 metres, which is frequently used in bridge construction, the lifting performance has been improved by up to 35 percent compared with the AR-5500M. In addition, the boom performance has been significantly improved by 10 to 40 percent to meet the needs of new job sites.”

The purchase price quoted is ¥800 million or €6.2 million/$7.5 million.


How many units have been produced of the ATF 600G-8? That was released in 2015?

Mar 9, 2021

The mentioned height should not be a problem because this crane is designed to travel without the upper part.
Due to Japanese road regulations.

Mar 3, 2021