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50 LGMGs for Nationwide

UK-based Nationwide Platforms - a division of Loxam Access - has purchased 50 units of the 52ft LGMG SR1623D Rough Terrain scissor lift.

The 2.3 metre wide 4x4 SR1623D has a working height of 17.9 metres, an overall platform capacity of 680kg, and has been ordered with the optional longer dual deck extensions with 230kg capacity on each, providing a 7.4 metre long super deck when both are fully extended. The machines come with auto levelling jacks and a drive height of eight metres.
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The stowed machine has an overall length of 5.2 metres with the super deck (4.9m with the standard dual deck) and a stowed height of 3.18 metres or 2.5 metres when folded. Overall weight is just over eight tonnes.

Nationwide Platforms is targeting the machine at a range of commercial construction trades, in particularly those installing cladding. The first unit was on display at the recent Vertikal Days event in Peterborough.
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The machine is powered by a Stave V Kubota diesel with auto-regeneration function which self-cleans the particulate build-up when it reaches 96 percent. The units have been purchased in the company’s blue livery from LGMG distributor APS/Access Platform Sales. The first 20 machines have arrived, with the remaining 30 units due by the end of the month.
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Nationwide Platforms’ Glyn Brearley said: “We are very pleased to continue investing in our expansive fleet catering to our customers’ ever growing needs with more efficient and greener machinery from LGMG. We can’t wait to see these machines in action and aid our clients’ projects - they look fantastic in our iconic blue branding.”


So NWP have bought 50 LGMG diesel scissors, hardly a statement from the largest powered access provider in Europe, they'll be lucky if they get 2 per depot and just goes to show what you get when you sell out to the highest bidder, TVH would have been a much better option, it's Loxam with a different name and the same under investment.

May 31, 2022