Which 2,400 tonne AT was first?

Two of the largest mobile crane manufacturers in China - Sany and Zoomlion - are claiming to have been the first to launch and deliver a record breaking 2,400 tonne All Terrain crane.
The two new 2,400 tonne All Terrain cranes

It apparently started with Sany announcing a 2,200 tonne nine axle model, early last month, but that quickly morphed into the 2,400 tonne SAC 24000T the first unit of which was delivered to Ningxia Julishen Construction Machinery Group on June 28th.

While we have yet to see a specification, the company says that it can lift 270 tonnes to a height of 100 metres when the new super lift device is installed, and it takes 10 hours to assemble when it is stripped for easy road travel.
The new Sany SAC 24000T

The first crane will go to work on the Zhangjiakou Zhangbei Wind Farm, installing 110 metre 6.25MW turbines. Ningxia Julishen Construction Machinery is a long standing Sany customer, having purchased its first big Sany crane - a 400 tonner - in 2008, since then it has purchased more than 20 large Sany cranes a total value of over 300 million yuan ($45 million).

At the delivery ceremony, Lei Feng, general manager of the Julishen group, said: "Our company has been deeply involved in the wind power field for many years and has participated in many wind farm construction projects. In the process of participating in national construction, Sany has provided us with high quality products and services. The conclusion of this cooperation will promote in-depth and multi-field development in both directions.”
The Sany/Ningxia Julishen handover ceremony June 28th

Zhou Guoyuan, general manager of Sany Heavy Machinery added: "SAC24000T is the true epitome of China's equipment manufacturing industry's growth and determination to move forward on the road of scientific and technological innovation."

Then before Sany had released the information publicly, Zoomlion jumped and did so, in stating that it had just shipped the world’s first two 2,400 tonne ZAT24000H All Terrains on June 30th to Huanghua Haibin Lifting Installing Engineering in Hebei Province.
The Zoomlion/ Huanghua Haibin Lifting hand over ceremony on June 30th

The Zoomlion which also carries the model number ZLJ5960JQZ2400H has an overall length of 22.5 metres and an overall travel width of three metres. The company says that the nine axle crane is power by a 650hp Daimler diesel, with a maximum road speed of 70kph. Once again we do not yet have the full specification.
The two nine axle chassis Sany top and Zoomlion below

As with the Sany the ZAT24000H was developed for wind turbine installation and can, it is said, be capable of installing turbines with hub heights of up to 160 metres.
The two Zoomlion ZAT24000Hs for Huanghua Haibin Lifting

Shen Qi, general manager of Haibin Lifting said: “When developing this product, Zoomlion engaged in extensive dialogue with us to ensure meeting the working conditions and technical specifications. We are confident of this market leading product as we saw Zoomlion’s continuous pursuit of quality and ultimate spirit of achieving excellence.”

As soon as the news was out rumours began circulating that the other major crane manufacturer XCMG, will soon unveil a 2,600 tonner. We have not been able to confirm if there is any substance to this, but it is entirely possible.

Watch this space.


I think more relevant question would be: Which one is better?

Jul 14, 2022

No thanks.

Jul 13, 2022

So the Chinese are now playing the "who has the biggest" and "who had it first". Tape measures at the ready boys !

Jul 12, 2022

Reminds me on two children: "I was first" - "No, I was first"... both didn't pass the finish line yet...

Jul 11, 2022

As long they do not disclosed their load test protocol, I cannot believe that those ones are really a 2,400t-class.

Jul 8, 2022
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