418 Dinglis for Nationwide

UK rental company Nationwide Platforms - the UK division of Loxam - has purchased 418 new Dingli aerial work platforms as part of a rejuvenation programme.

16 of the first machines to be delivered - 66ft Dingli 2212DC battery powered narrow aisle scissor lifts - went to work on the Sky Borehamwood project to upgrade Sky’s Hertfordshire studios which includes a brand new building. The units are just 1.25 metres wide, have a working height of 22 metres, an unrestricted platform capacity of 750kg and boast a 1.8 metre roll out deck extension.
One of the new 66ft Dingli 2212DC scissors at Sky Borehamwood

In addition to the big narrow electrics, Nationwide has invested in six other electric scissor lift models with working heights of between 7.8 and 22 metres and all feature AC direct electric wheel motor drive. The fleet also includes 16ft Dingli AMWP7-8100L Zero Hydraulics self-propelled mast type lifts which weigh just 900kg.

Strategic projects manager Sam O’Brien said: “We were delighted to be involved in such a large scale project, and more importantly proud to meet the client’s requirements beyond the scope of our usual fleet. We’re very pleased to continue investing in our expansive fleet catering to our customers’ ever-growing needs with more efficient and greener machinery.”


Sir Jeremy Flemming Head of GCHQ speaking today about the threat from China.

He will also warn that China is seeking to create "client economies and governments" by exporting technology to countries around the world, saying these countries risk "mortgaging the future" by buying in Chinese technology with "hidden costs".

Oct 11, 2022

@the-PARTS-man, those 3 major constructor's China sites you mention primarily build for Asia, in particular the Chinese domestic market, the worlds largest market. They all still build the majority of their machines in US or Europe. Best tell the whole story, as facts do matter.

Oct 3, 2022

Loxam just secured 130 million euros loan from the European Investment Fund then spend it China where the human rights record is absolutely abominable, the Chinese are holding other manufacturers and the the world to ransom when it comes to supplying component parts, ethically immoral springs to mind.

Oct 3, 2022

When the Chinese rental companies will arrive in Europe bringing themselves Chinese products we will see these eager European rentals sold for nothing… keep doing money as fast as you can because in 3 years you will all be bought

Oct 3, 2022

A little research goes along way regarding manufacturing facilities...

JLG - Tianjin in China.
Haulotte - Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in China.
Genie - Changzhou in China.

Makes you think, eh.

Oct 3, 2022

So Loxam / Nationwide place an order with a leading Chinese manufacturer. I wonder whether they’re comfortable in the knowledge that by doing so they are supporting a system and tyranny that imprisons and tortures minorities for their religious beliefs. Why is it not possible to source from the likes of Genie JLG or Haulotte or is it simply down to cost with no regard to social responsibility!

Oct 1, 2022

They abound
Dingli must be making a killing on the Engineer's Training Fees.

Sep 30, 2022
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