Scissor lift outrigger safety bulletin

UK contractor Multiplex has issued a safety bulletin concerning an incident with the levelling jack on a big Dingli scissor lift that occurred this weekend at a job site in Glasgow.

We though it best to simply publish the text of the bulletin in full.

Failure of Scissor Lift Jack Leg - Dingli JCPT2223RTB
Date: 19 Nov 2022
Incident Category: SPI – No injuries.

On Saturday morning, a supervisor and operative were working from the platform of an elevated scissor lift to access the façade of the IHW building on University Way at the University of Glasgow.
The scissor lift, a Dingli JCPT2223RTB Rough Terrain model, was extended to a height of approximately 20 metres on firm ground conditions. The platform was sited at a distance approximately 300mm from the face of the building prior to the incident.
At around 10.30am, the men working on the platform saw it moving away from the building and raised the alarm. The machine came to rest at 1.4 metres from the façade and was at significant risk of overturning.

It was quickly identified that one of the support jacks had partially retracted, de-stabilising the machine with the weight coming to rest on the wheel. There was no sign of a hydraulic leak. A dynamic risk assessment identified that the platform could not be lowered without a high likelihood of overturning. The supplier attended site and installed temporary jacks to stabilise the machine to enable a second elevated work platform to be brought alongside and effect a rescue of the stranded operatives.

Immediate Actions:
The supplier has immediately taken their fleet of Dingli scissor lifts of this type out of service pending a technical investigation into the failure. Multiplex are maintaining a dialogue with the supplier. Multiplex have issued a temporary quarantine on the use of this type of scissor lift across the UK operation pending the findings of this investigation. The incident has been reported to the UK Health and Safety Executive as a Dangerous Occurrence under RIDDOR.

We are also a member of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and have informed them of this incident. The UK Tier 1 industry groups for lifting and health and safety will be notified of this incident. We will keep all parties informed of the progress into this investigation. An SPI Learning Bulletin will be issued on conclusion of the investigation.

Martin Wilshire
Director – Health, Safety and Wellbeing
Multiplex Construction Europe Limited

Download a copy
You can download a copy of the bulletin from the Safety section of the Vertikal Library

We understand that Dingli contacted all of its UK customers shortly a couple of days after the incident, having worked with the contractor and Summit to find out went wrong. Following the initial investigation the company was able to confirm that the machines remain safe to use. An update from the manufacturer is expected within 10 days of the incident being reported.

Vertikal Comment

This is not the first time we have heard of a jack retracting - although not for many years and not on a Dingli. In past incidents it was usually due to contamination of some sort in one or more of the safety or other valves. It appears that the crew on site handled this situation well.

Hopefully the cause will be discovered rapidly as there is a chance that it may well apply to other machines - from this and other manufacturers.

One small point is that jacks on machines such as this are not outriggers, they are levelling jacks and only need to be set to level the machine as this unit can travel at full height. It might have been a little less hairy, if the jacks close to the building had not been extended quite so far? Although that is clearly not the point here. But might be something to consider when using such scissor lifts of all makes in such applications.


Malcolm Bowers
If you post comments on Vertikal you will have to accept that they will be read by some strange and generally negative people. Over the years I’ve been shocked and amazed by people who ‘thumbs down’ even the most heartfelt and well meant messages.
Is it the message content they don’t like?
Is it me they don’t like?
Is it the product?
Is it the supplier?
Who knows?
In my opinion Vertikal should do away with the thumbs down feature. Why should we be exposed to the pettiness of anonymous people with mental hang ups and issues? Let them make a comment if they don’t like what they read.

Nov 26, 2022

Harry Sharp
Further to my comment below I’d like to apologise to the down voters. It clearly was most inconsiderate that I shared my feelings about the 2 people stuck in that platform.

Nov 26, 2022

Is there a reason these jacks aren't made using screwed jacks with a mechanical lock off? I used screwed jacks to jack up aircraft back in the day and it was a secondary safety feature. I've never liked the idea of hoses and check valves being the last chance for integrity.

Nov 24, 2022

Harry Sharp
The mental torture that the operatives must have gone through whilst waiting to be rescued is unimaginable. What a relief to know they got down safely.

Nov 24, 2022
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