On the edge

A three axle mobile self-erecting tower crane almost ended up in the canal last week, when it veered off the N919 near Assen in the Netherlands.
The crane, a Liebherr MK 73-3.1 from the Kielstra fleet was saved from the water, when the rear end sank into the soft embankment and the crane became grounded - like a ship running aground. Thankfully no one was hurt and any damage was limited to the crane, although once it was recovered it drove home.
Teetering on the edge

The incident occurred west of Assen on the N919 just before it joins the N373. The recovery began fairly quickly and looks slightly hairy at times. It involved two All Terrains - a five axle and a two axle - a heavy wrecker vehicle, a wheeled excavator and a man basket. The crew slung the stricken crane over its extended outrigger beams and all went perfectly according to plan.
A photo from the rear

As night fell the cranes, including the MK73, all drove off beeping their horns, leaving the road maintenance team to regrade the canal bank and wash down the road.
You can see the entire thing on video below.


"You can't park there mate"

Nov 10, 2023

That looked very questionable at times ! Slinging to the tree across the road ? The driver in the cabin during the recovery ?

Nov 8, 2023