150t Liebherr telecrawler

Liebherr is to launch a new 150 tonne telescopic crawler crane, the LTR 1150 which is positioned midway between its 100 tonne LTR 1100 and 220 tonne LTR 1220.

The manufacturer claims that while the new crane offers capacity improvements of around 50t in many parts of the load chart compared to the LTR 1100, it is just as easy and economical to transport.
Transport weight is 60t with an overall width of 3.5m

The boom and extension configuration is the same as the LTR 1100, with a six section 52 metre main boom, topped by a 10.8 to 19 metre bi-fold lattice swingaway extension. This can be further extended with two seven metre lattice extensions for a maximum tip height of 88 metres.

The overall weight of the LTR 1150, with counterweight removed by tracks left in place is 60 tonnes with an overall transport width of 3.5 metres. If the tracks are removed the overall weight is reduced to 38 tonnes with a three metre overall width - this of course requires the set up jacks to be installed.

This is also the first Liebherr telescopic crawler crane in which the variable track widths and slew position are automatically monitored in real time along with the data fed into the crane’s control system to calculate the optimum load chart for the actual set up. In other words, ‘Variobase’ for crawler cranes. The overall width with the tracks fully extended is 5.8 metres, with alternative widths of five and 3.5 metres.

The tracks weigh 11 tonnes each and can be transported side by side on a standard semi-trailer with an overall width of 2.55 metres. The counterweight can be installed in four lifts with two 11 tonne central weights and two 9.5 tonne side cheek weights for the maximum superstructure counterweight of 41 tonnes. The counterweight installation system is new and includes ‘Liebherr-AutoBallast’.

The LTR 1150 is also equipped with load charts for slopes up to four degrees in 0.3°, 0.7°, 1.5°, 2.5° and 4°. This is also the first Liebherr telescopic crawler crane with ‘WindSpeed Load Charts’ allowing work to continue at higher wind speeds - up to 15.6 metres a second - while retaining the crane’s full capacity in many boom positions.

Liebherr says that the crane is suitable as an assist crane for lattice crawlers up to 1,000 tonnes and can pick & carry loads of more than 60 tonnes. Liebherr says that the LTR 1150 is aimed at jobs beyond the capability of the LTR 1100, but for which the LTR 1220 is an overkill.

Vertikal Comment

It is a little strange in that we had a senior editor at Liebherr this week as part of a press delegation, and yet this new model was not mentioned? We have not yet seen the specification or load charts for the new crane. However, it looks as though it is an LTR 1100 with a 750mm wider overall maximum track width, and nine tonnes more superstructure counterweight.

It also incorporates the latest technology and is likely to prove popular. Tadano does not have a machine in this range, and it appears to leapfrog Sennebogen’s 130 tonne 6133E which has the same boom length, but less superstructure counterweight, but possibly a slightly wider maximum overall track width. The new Liebherr is also considerably easier to transport with a lower weight and narrower width with tracks in situ, and lower track weights if they are removed.

This new crane looks like a winner.


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can it lift lr12500 or13000 crane part?

Nov 11, 2023