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Aerial theft alert

Nationwide Access ltd has reported that a Genie Z45/35D RT with the serial number 11961 from 1999 and a 4x2 unit Serial number 5654 from 1997 were stolen on Friday night in the Derby (UK) area; the gang broke into the company’s depot to steal it. Nationwide has also reported that a JLG 33RTS, Serial No 200070828 year 2000 stolen from a job site in Daventry has also not yet been recovered.

If you could alert your staff to be on the lookout for these two lifts and if you come across them please contact Nationwide Access in Lutterworth or if you prefer email us at [email protected]

We are seriously considering establishing a new section to the web site where missing units can be reported. Please let us know if you think that this free service will be useful or not.