New BlueTec Tadano for J&M

Cranes UK, the UK/Ireland distributor for Tadano-Faun, has delivered the first ‘BlueTec’ crane to J & M Crane and Transport of Gravesend, Kent.

The crane a 100 tonne ATF90G-4, complete with 51.2 metres of main boom and 18 metres extension, carries all of its 22 tonnes of counterweight within the UK STGO road regulations.
J&M Crane's new Tadano Faun ATF90G-4

The four axle ATF90G was launched in 2007 at Bauma and has gone on to become a best seller, thanks to its mobility relatively long boom and strong lift capacities. The new engine makes the crane cleaner and more efficient, ideal for environmentally conscious contractors.

BlueTec is the Daimler Benz name for its nitrogen oxide reduction system, for use in its most sophisticated and fuel efficient diesel engines. The system uses two catalytic converters specifically targeting Nitrogen Oxide -NOx. The first converter traps the NOx, and later releases it to the second converter which converts it to harmless nitrogen and water.

For the more technical readers - NH3 + NOx ˃> N2 + H2O, the whole exhaust system works as follows:
1. A Diesel oxidation catalyst reduces the amounts of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons released from the exhaust.
2. A DeNOx catalytic converter begins a preliminary removal of oxides of nitrogen.
3. A particulate filter traps and stores soot particles, burning them off when the filter gets full.
4. A Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalytic converter then takes the remaining nitrogen oxides and with the help of AdBlue (A urea based reductant) injected from a canister into the exhaust gas stream, converts them to nitrogen and water.
The BlueTec components

The BlueTec system was created because the processes that give the latest diesel engines their efficient fuel economy – high compression ratios, lean fuel air mixtures and higher combustion temperatures, also creates extra emissions and more nitrogen oxides.


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