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Boom truck goes over in Alaska

A 22 ton capacity boom truck tipped over on Friday in Homer Alaska while working at the harbour.

The boom truck, a Terex Stinger owned by Mr C. Construction, had been called in to remove a small crane from Petro Marine's harbor fuel dock.

The operator was extending the boom to check the radius when it went over, some reports put the tip down to a heavy gust of wind, although it is likely that the boom was at too low an angle for its length?
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The overturned boom truck

The crane is owned by Mr C. Construction, which only took delivery of the crane recently. Rod McClay said: "Basically, we were trying to determine if that truck was able to do that job. I think we can all attest it can't. It never even hooked up to the crane. All they were doing was stretching the boom out to see if they could reach that far when the gust of wind hit the crane."

The truck was rescued with a 100 ton crane owned by North Star Terminal and Stevedore Company.


vertikal editor
Yes it is poor, it is a hazard of publishing as soon as possible after news breaks and from a distance, rather than waiting until after someone else has published locally, even then you can make mistakes.

In this case we were sent two names and clearly mixed them up, using the crane operator as the source of the quote, when it came from another person.

I am not quite sure that I accept your comment that as a result this is VERY poor journalism. The facts are correct - we simply mixed up who made the quote - poor indeed but very poor?

We do appreciate you commenting and putting us right though and it does allow us to correct it - we would like more of our readers to do so.
Thank you.

May 27, 2011

This is article is inaccurate. The quoted statement was made by Rod McClay not Ceecil Cheatwood. This is very poor journalism. Read the real story online from Homer Tribune and Homer News.

May 27, 2011
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