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First Potain Igo T130 goes to work

Lifting work on a new museum construction project in Denmark is being carried out by the first Potain Igo T130 self-erecting tower crane to be delivered. The building work forms part of a new exhibition center at the Moesgaard Museum, situated in the south of Aarhus.

The Igo T 130 is the largest in Potain’s Igo T range, a line of telescoping self-erecting cranes that have lattice mast sections and are able to vary their working height to suit different project requirements.

“We are delighted to add the first T130 to our fleet,” said Torben Bloch Nielsen, head of sales Manitowoc’s tower crane dealer Ajos. “Self-erecting cranes are popular in Denmark and are often preferred over smaller top-slewing cranes. They offer effortless operation, versatility and simple set up. We expect good demand for this crane, especially on large infrastructure jobs.”
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The Potain Igo T 130 arrives at the job site in the south of Aarhus, Denmark.

“We selected the Igo T130 for this job as it has the capacity and speed to meet the lifting requirements on the job,” he said. “The building design includes an expansive sloping roof that requires a number of heavy lifts. There is also a large, complex column system to support the roof. The Igo T130’s large lift capacity and long jib will allow it to handle all lifts on this project, which is spread over a wide area.”
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The Igo T 130, which belongs to Danish company Ajos, unfolds its 50 metre jib.

Potain’s 33 LVF 20 Optima winch allows the crane to lift at speeds of up to 65 m/min. The slewing and erecting mechanisms are also frequency controlled, ensuring smooth movement. In addition, operators can adjust the crane’s controls to suit their own preferences.

The crane can be ready to work in less than four hours and it is easy to transport, traveling as a single trailer with an overall length of just 17.15 metres. Roading regulations vary, but in Denmark, Ajos can transport the crane at up to 80 km/h.
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The crane begins lifting operations on the project that will include helping with a complex column installation to support an expansive sloping roof.

This first Igo T130 is closely monitored on the museum project by both Manitowoc and Ajos as part of the Pre-Production Partner Programme in which cranes are placed in actual working conditions and their performance is thoroughly assessed. Manitowoc then implements any necessary design modifications prior to serial production of the crane