Socks at Vertikal Days

An unusual pair of gentlemen’s socks was spotted around the showground at this week’s Vertikal Days.

One has to assume that the socks were either misplaced by their owner or they were removed by a colleague. The photos were sent in by a mystery correspondent who tracked the socks all over the Vertikal Days site.
Spotted on the Cela stand aboard its low riding D21 truck mounted lift

Going up – no harness or lanyard

Hanging out at the Kranlyft / Maeda stand

Riding the hook – truly a banned practice – fortunately for the Socks ‘Safety Dave’ the Vertikal Days safety officer was elsewhere at the time.

Some needed relief in the Gents – a clue that possibly narrows down the kidnapper.

On a tower in the PASMA village – is this the Turners tower? And who is the man?

Stopping for a beer and a burger in the Dining Place marquee

Standing in for Lincoln at the piano to provide the lunchtime music

Too much of the good life caused a problem that required a trip to ambulance.

Where CPR was administered

Finally chilling out in the bottled water fridge in The Marketplace

Perhaps their owner would like to come forward and I am sure that we can help negotiate the release of the missing socks. Alternatively if you have any information please feel free to use our comment facility.

For the more serious reader a report on the event complete with picture gallery will be online in a day or two.


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