Crane blocks road

A crane travelling to a wind farm site came off the road this weekend causing detours of up to 80 miles.

The crane was travelling on the A822 towards the Griffin wind farm in Aberfeldy when the side of the road gave way causing its near side wheels to slip into a ditch.
The stricken crane

While the owners organised the recovery the crane blocked the road from Trochry to Dunkfeld run of a few miles into town to around 80 miles. The accident also blocked a convoy of turbine parts heading for wind farm.

We understand that traffic lights and some hardcore has now made the road
passable again pending the recovery of the crane.


This happened courtesy of 2 tipper lorries going flat out the opposite way. No intention of slowing and if not for the operator a very different article would be wriiten here.Hats off to the Turbine transport/crane guys,as they all seem to be the only ones driveing with due care and attention here.

Sep 10, 2011
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