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Big lattice tips in Florida

Information has come in concerning a large lattice crawler crane that tipped in Hollywood Florida on Wednesday evening.

The crane was either raising or lowering its boom and luffing jib when it lost stability and tipped forward. The jib came down in the middle of South 17th Avenue, which helped stabilise the crane and prevent it from tipping further.
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The crane tipped causing its semi luffed jib to come down in the street

Non one was injured and there was no damage to buildings in the unfortunate event, the road was closed while the crew figured out how to bring it in without losing stability.
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The crane had a long boom and luffing jib

We assume that the crane was successfully ‘re-balanced’ by Thursday morning.

Vertikal Comment

This looks like and hopefully was a very close near miss, a perfect example of an incident in which everyone would benefit from hearing what went wrong.

If this operator was able to make whateve mistake he did, then others could too, hopefully the crane owner will be mature and safety conscious enough to share the information?


On crane watchdogs website they have put it down as a 400ton crane which if they had got the facts right or knew anything about cranes they can clearly see its a Liebherr LR1200 (200ton)

Feb 3, 2012

This was Allegiance Crane of Pompano, FL and Houston, TX. We have more photos and info on our site,

Feb 3, 2012