Fatal crane incident

A crawler crane overturned in Oshkosh, Wisconsin yesterday while carrying out the tandem lift of a 52 ton concrete beam on a bridge project.

A construction worker, Joseph Bidler, 35, who worked for the concrete company Spancrete, died at the scene, while the crane operator, Martin A. DeRidder, 33, is seriously injured.

The crane that went over is owned and operated by Lunda Construction of Black River Falls. The company specialises in road and bridge construction, but also offers its cranes out for rental.
An aerial view shows what happened

The two crawler cranes were operating from separate barges below the bridge, which is part of U.S. 41, and is currently being upgraded from four to eight lanes.

This is the second crane fatality on the US41 upgrade, in April Raymond Ashenbrenner, 58, was killed while unloading a crane, he was employed by Lunda. Osha is still investigating that incident.
The crane was carrying out a tandem lift with this American Hoist unit

Spancrete chairman John Nagy said: “Spancrete is a family company, and Joseph is a part of our family. This tragic accident touches each and every one of us.”
The crane was pulled over onto its side


crane accident means loss of millions of usd$ and working hours,any way what is the root cause of accident ??unqualified crane operators or lack of lift plan ??

Jul 27, 2012
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