Spider trap

A man suffered injuries to his legs last week after a narrow track spider lift he was moving overturned on him, trapping his legs under the machine.

The incident occurred on Tuesday in the town of Cavan in central Ireland, we have few details apart from a grainy photograph. We understand that the case has been referred to the Health and Safety Authority for investigation.
The overturned machine

However it is clear from the photograph what happened, this is a large narrow track machine and has been turned on a kerb on a hill, a move that unless done very smoothly and carefully has a strong chance of causing such a flip.

Vertikal Comment

In such applications a spider lift with extendable tracks that can widen its base is better suited, but also it is important to stand well clear through a remote control of some kind – either radio remote or umbilical cord so that should the machine tip the operator is well clear.

All too often an operator even attempts to physically save the unit from tipping… yet these units weight two tonnes and up, in spite of their diminutive size. Distance and care are what is required when moving such units and extra care again on kerbs and side slopes.


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