Slow first day at SAIE

The 48th SAIE exhibition has opened in Bologna today, while the first day was quiet and the number of exhibitors clearly down, there is a great deal to see and plenty of new products on show.
SAIE 2012 has plenty to see in terms of loader cranes, truck mounted platforms and spider lifts

Oil & Steel has a new 26 metre articulated truck mounted lift on a 3.5 tonne chassis, the Snake 2612 Compact with 12 metres of outreach and a new 23 metre Octopussy Evo spider lift complete with rotating jib.
Oil & Steel's new Snake 26 Compact on a 3.5 tonne truck

Multitel has its new MJ201 21 metre telescopic truck mount with telescopic jib, Cela has the all new 30 metre D30, GSR has the B200TJ a new 20 metre telescopic truck mount with jib, CTE has two new products including the ZED 23JH, a 23 metre articulated boom with jib on a 3.5 tonne chassis that cleverly folds down to an overall length of six metres.
The new Multitel MJ201 with telescopic jib

Blue lift also has a slew of new and improved models, including a new 19 metre RAM truck mount, 13 metre telescopic spider lift with jib and 16 metre hybrid spider lift. Hinowa unveiled a new 20 metre spider lift with 230kg unrestricted capacity almost 10 metres of outreach and very compact dimensions.
The new 13 metre BlueLift telescopic spider lift with 19 metre RAM truck mount in the background

The new 20 metre Hinowa Lightlift 20:10 spider lift

CMC unveiled new products too, including a 32 metre spider lift, that tragically overturned around midday today with a man in the platform. After striking two machines on the Cela stand the lower boom came down across the Cela D24 truck mounted lift, narrowly missing Simone Scalabrini of Cela who suffered a grazed arm. The upper boom remained on the roof of one of the halls, the operator, Paul Eijgenraam, a Dutch national, suffered relatively minor injuries and was taken to hospital for a check up.
The CMC32 overturned while a customer was operating it

The platform of the CMC 32 was caught up on the roof of a hall

The initial police investigation suggests that the platform managed to get hooked up on the building which then pulled over the machine.

On the crane side most of the new products are restricted to loader cranes with Fassi introducing the first of a new generation of cranes and launching its 130 tonne metre F1950.

With the show cut short by a day this year we are under pressure and may leave further updates until after the show ends, both online and in the next copies of our magazines Cranes & Access and Kran & Buhne.

The show runs through Sunday.


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