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Fatal crane overturn in Haifa

A 500 tonne All Terrain crane overturned in Haifa, Israel on Thursday, at least one person died in the incident.
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The operator was caught in his cab

The crane believed to be Avi Crane’s 500 tonne Liebherr LTM1500 was working next to the Lev Hamifratz Junction when the ground appears to have given way under the outriggers.
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The crane was short rigged

The crane operator, named as 35-year-old Sergei Balanovsky was declared dead at the scene. The machine was short rigged and only had one section extended, in fact it appeared to have been setting up when it went over. The boom came down across the road striking an overpass.
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Only one booom section had been extended and the boom nose struck an overpass opposite

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The boom came down across the road

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The outriggers appear to have broken through the made up ground

While we have received a number of photographs, details of this tragic accident are scant. We will update when we know more.


That's correct takelmaat (Dutch takelmaat?)the superlift weights about 14 tons, the extra boomsections about 20 tons... In a case of soft underground, it's better to first place smaller synthetic handmats under the outriggers before lifting the big mats. Now it's too late, a cranedriver died en that is verry bad.

Mar 20, 2013

84 meter boom and superlift is almost 35 tons more weight on the boom and laying the steel plates off may be 10 tons over the rear is not posible only front outriggers fully out t is

Mar 18, 2013

Another "too short near an excavation"accident? Or too much pressure on a small surface under the outriggers? It looks like the accident happened while the cranedriver was lifting the outriggermats?(third picture) May you rest in peace Sergei. Deepest sympathy to the family and his colleagues.

Mar 16, 2013