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Barge dumps crane

A crawler crane working from a barge on a marina expansion project at South Whidbey Harbour, Langley, Washington state, was dumped in the water last wednesday, while working on sheet piles.

The jack up spuds/legs on the barge, which was lifting piles, appartently jammed on one side, causing the barge to tilt on one side as the tide changed. The crew in an attempt to prevent what seemed like a certain overturn, tried to push the jack up barge legs free, however instead the barge tilted further, to the point where the crane slipped off the side and into the 14 metres of water.
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The crane just before it finally slipped off the barge

Although one of the barge crew fell into the water he was not hurt and no injuries have been reported. The barge is owned by Neptune Marine, and is subcontracted to Mike Carlson Enterprises, the main contractor for the expansion project.
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The overturned barge, the crane is in the water and down around 14 metres

The 50 ton crane is lying on its side in the mud, with a broken counterweight and a totally destroyed boom. The plan now that the crane and barge are surrounded with an oil protection boom, is to move the barge away from the crane and put a buoy over it to mark its location under the water, for later recovery.