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Helicopter rescues crane operator

A helicopter successfully rescued a tower crane operator in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, yesterday as a fire raged on the job site beneath him.
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At one point the fire was a massive blaze

The building under construction – a university student accommodation block – caught fire and turned into a major blaze that began at one point to spread to adjoining properties.

The crane operator sitting in his cab had no way to escape and no idea of how the base of his crane might fare in the extreme heat below, not to mention the smoke and fumes.

The helicopter from Canadian Forces Base in Trenton managed to winch the stranded operator on board, and fire-fighters eventually managed to contain the fire below, before it spread any further.
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The crane operator is winched to safety

Once the fire was extinguished the crane was found to be seriously damaged and was dismantled.


A and A is a Canadian family owned and operated crane operators service and have the best safety record.
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Offering crane operator to non union job sites.

We did Not furnish an inspector with False information or neglecting or refusing to furnish information required by an inspector, and to failing to furnish all necessary means in the person's power to facilitate any entry, search, inspection, investigation, examination, testing or inquiry by an inspector, the Government of Ontario.

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First we did not have any accidents for 15 years operating our family own business.But I can say, Ontario's are 50 years behind Europe when it come to Cranes and Equipment.The M O L should enhanced their training.

We have the best safety policy for our workers, Our operators can stop working any time with full pay if it is not save to work that day, We never lay off any worker before the job finish.
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I did mail every thing to M O L, every thing they ask for, on December 22 2013 10:56 AM and on December 22 2013 at 2:44 PM.
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May 3, 2015