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Penny launches new hydraulic spoil box

UK-based loader crane and tail lift manufacturer Penny Hydraulics has launched a new hydraulic spoil box.

The FV300/2 is a mechanical handling solution for highways maintenance operations, allowing easy loading and un-loading of loose material.
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Loading the hydraulic box with spoil.

With a maximum capacity of 300kg the box can easily lift loads from ground level onto the bed of a truck. The unit includes full proportional control for all main functions. The FV300/2 to be installed on a wide range of commercial vehicles, thanks to its light weight.
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The hydraulic extension raises box

“Eliminating the need to work from the vehicle bed was key to the project,” said Richard Short, sales director at Penny Hydraulics. “The crane operator remains at ground level during the lifting and lowering process eliminating the need to work at height. We installed fixed proportional controls at ground level which allow controlled and precise handing with the operators feet firmly rooted on the ground throughout the process."

"The hydraulically powered spoil box can be opened and closed using the same controls, allowing materials such as earth and sand to be unloaded from the box onto the vehicle bed at the push of a lever. The spoil box attachment can be removed so the crane can be used with different lifting attachments, further enhancing the flexibility of the crane.”
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The box opens to empty the spoil.

Running off the vehicle battery, the crane is supplied in either 12 or 24 volts with safety features including overload devices, cylinder protection and slew stops supplied as standard. An electric winch can be provided for applications where down hole handling is required.


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