A five axle truck crane being moved across Las Vegas on a low loader partially overturned yesterday at a busy intersection.
The crane is recovered

The superstructure of the crane, an American Hoist lattice boomed crane owned by Reliable Crane Service, appears to have slewed over the side, causing the overturn. The counterweight landed on the road preventing a full overturn, and the crane remained firmly strapped on the trailer bed.

Two wrecker trucks were called in to pull the trailer back upright and the street was opened again by evening. No one was hurt in the incident.
The crane appears undamaged


Could this have been prevented If the counterweights had been removed and trucked separately? The tractor driver mst have wondered "what on earth!"? when the rig went on tilt.

2 Jan 2014

Why was the superstructure not blocked? Is that not possible by this model?
A happy and healthy New Year to you all and keep it safe!

1 Jan 2014
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