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Truck mount overturn

A mid-size truck mounted lift overturned last night in Bournemouth Gardens, in southern England, while working on the Bournemouth Balloon a tethered helium balloon attraction.
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The truck mounted lift was working on the Bournemouth Baloon

It looks as though the ground under the front outrigger over which the boom was working gave way causing the machine tip towards the balloon. Thankfully it was working at a low height with the boom retracted and we understand that no one was injured in the incident was slight.

The mats under the outriggers looks very suspect – at least from the poor resolution photographs that we have been sent. We understand that the outrigger that gave way was set up on a pedestrian footpath. Thank goodness the boom was not fully elevated and extended, or we might be reporting on a completely different type of incident this morning.
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The cause of the incident was the outrigger punching through a footpath

A loader crane was called in to lift the tilting platform back upright – one hopes that he took more care with spreading his outrigger loadings.


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