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Forking a forklift?

We have been sent in a video of a forklift loading a trailer without the use of a ramp or proper loading bay.

The video, which looks as though it was taken somewhere in south Asia, shows a forklift truck lifting a large shipping box into the back of a closed trailer. The challenge though is how to get the box to the front of the trailer when they have no ramp. This is clearly no problem with for the team and in what looks like a well-choreographed event as a second, slightly larger, forklift truck slides in place to lift the first into the back of the truck. After taking the box to the front of the trailer the smaller forklift reverses back onto the forks to be lowered down, using its own forks on the trailer bed for additional stability. This is clearly a regular work process.
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Although we admire the creativity of this team, it is still a highly dangerous manoeuvre, which could easily end in disaster. Definitely one for our Death Wish series!