AT overturns in Texas

A four axle All Terrain crane overturned near Panna Maria, outside of San Antonia, Texas.

The details we have been sent are minimal, however it is possible that the 100 tonne Grove GMK 4115, owned by Texas based TNT Cranes & Rigging, veered too close to the verge – although the pictures are far from clear.

According to our correspondent: “This was near Panna Maria,about 70 miles south east of San Antonio, Texas. The area has an enormous amount of oilfield traffic.”
The overturned Grove GMK 4115


Unusual to see slew pin, boom rest and front stowage point all fail ? One would imagine that a combination of all 3 if used correctly would be sufficient to avoid the superstructure turning, even in a roll-over situation...

Jul 29, 2014
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