Boom off the back of a truck

A boom slipped off the back of a truck in central Warsaw, Poland, earlier this month - hardly surprising given that it was not tied down at the time.
The scene shortly after the boom slipped off the deck

The incident occurred on August 5th when a truck owned by Pomoc Drogowa was either collecting or delivering an articulated 45ft JLG boom lift owned by Cramo. As the driver travelled down Grochowskiej, the lift slipped of the bed onto the road. Thankfully it did not land on any passing cars and no one was injured.
The lift was damaged extensively even before the recovery began

The driver, who we are told ‘has form’, calmly got out of his cab and put a small warning triangle out to warn the busy traffic that was already driving around the stricken lift.

The emergency services arrived with a pump unit equipped with a Fassi crane which they used to lift the badly damaged machine upright and take care of the oil and battery acid spill, before loading it.

Click here to see a video clip of the recovery
The recovery begins

The loader crane was used to lift the machine back onto its wheels prior to loading

The unit was then lifted onto another truck and taken away.
The badly damaged boom lift is loaded onto another truck


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