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Loader crane used in theft

Thieves stole a Henry Moore sculpture with a Mercedes flat bed truck and loader Crane, described by Police as a “Hiab lifting crane”, meaning a knuckle boom and not necessarily a crane made by Hiab.

The sculpture, called “A reclining figure” is over 3.5 metres long and weighs over two tonnes. The solid bronze sculpture was lifted on to the back of the truck by the gang at the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green, Much Hadham, in Hertfordshire, at around 10.10pm on Thursday evening.
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The stolen Reclining figure

The theft was recorded on CCTV, and the truck was found abandoned in Coopersale near Epping in Essex.

The sculpture was created by Henry Moore in 1969/70 and had recently returned to the foundation after being on loan and was in a location near the entrance waiting relocation.

Police are concerned that thieves might melt it down for scrap.. Although the scrap value will be considerably less that £5,000. A reward is offered for information leading to its return.