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Crane flips on highway

An All Terrain crane with trailing boom flipped over while travelling on Interstate 5 in San Clemente, California - between Los Angeles and San Diego - on Thursday. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident.

The four axle Liebherr crane with three axle boom trailer, owned by one of the state’s oldest crane rental companies Bob Hill, swerved into the concrete centre divider several times as the operator tried to keep control of it. Finally it flipped onto its side.
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An aerial view of the incident

This is not the first time that an All Terrain with trailing boom has flipped or caused havoc on Southern California’s highways. A number of crane operators consider trailing booms – which are dictated by road formulas – are considerably more dangerous than higher axle loads of a longer chassis. At least this time round there are no injuries.

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The unit has a three axle boom trailer